Subwoofer Activ RCF TTS36-A

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Specificatii pentru Subwoofer Activ RCF TTS36-A:

The TTS36-A is a high power, high output active subwoofer system that sets a new standard in the touring sound reinforcement. The new 18” neodymium design represents the result of many years dedicated in pioneering new solutions for the transducers technology. The integration of the 4000 Watt, 2 channels digital amplification and the advanced digital processing set a new standard for distortion, noise and thermal efficiency.


  • *4000 watt (2 x 2000 Watt digital amplifiers)
  • *2 x 18" high power neodymium woofers, 4.5" v. c.
  • *96 Khz, 32 bit DSP processing
  • *Remote monitoring and control
  • *Time delay alignment
  • *Bass reflex design, Cardioid preset for groups
  • *Tour grade cabinet
  • *RDNet on board
  • *Maximum output per size on market

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