Subwoofer Activ RCF TTS26-A

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 The TTS26-A is a very compact powerful subwoofer designed for a variety of professional fixed or portable sound applications.
It is the perfect complement the TTL11A column array system. Two high power 15” neodymium woofers powered by a 3400 W digital amplifier deliver a perfect and bass punch for live music applications.

  • *3400 W digital amplifiers
  •  *2 x 15" high power neodymium woofers
  •  *96 kHz, 32 bit DSP processing
  •  *Remote monitoring and control
  •  *Time delay alignment
  •  *Cardioid preset for groups
  •  *Tour grade cabinet
  •  *Maximum output per size on market
  • *RDNet on board

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