Pick up Player Stage line DJP 104USB

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"The DJP-104USB provides a fast, dynamic and vibrant sound. It is of solid workmanship and allows you to decide the format and data rate during recordings.

For a convenient digitalisation of analog vinyl records.


  • Belt drive with quick start system
  • Magnetic system
  • 2 speeds
  • Pitch control: ±16 %
  • Metal pick-up arm and plastic turntable platter
  • Smoked plexiglass cover, removable
  • Switchable output phono/line
  • USB B connection
  • Adjustable USB audio level


(Supplied with felt slipmat)

Supplied with smoked plexiglas cover! 

Recording software is available as freeware on the Internet.



Turntable platter Ø 298mm, plastic
Speeds 33 1/3 /45 rpm
Pitch control ±16%
Starting torque 0.3kg/cm
Starting time < 0.8 sec.
Braking -
Wow and flutter < 0.15%
Rumble -40dB unweighted,

-55dB weighted

Connection for gooseneck light -
Power supply 230V˜/50Hz/15VA
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Dimensions 430x115x350mm
Weight 2.9kg
Fader start -
Forward/reverse -
Outputs 1 x RCA L/R

USB B jack

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