LabGruppen PLM 10000Q

39.200,00 RON
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Detalii Tehnice

Detalii Produs

Specificatii pentru LabGruppen PLM 10000Q:

▸ 2350 W per channel @ 2 ohms**

▸ 2300 W per channel @ 4 ohms**

▸ 2U chassis weighing only 13.5 kg (30 lbs)

▸ Class TD® output stage

▸ Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™)

▸ Copper-finned Intercooler®with transverse-mounted outputdevices

▸ Full suite of protection and fault monitoring features

▸ Comprehensive loudspeaker preset database

▸ LoadLibrary™ load “Fingerprint” (identity and characteristics) data

▸ Comprehensive LoadSmart™ load verification and SpeakerSafe™continuous loudspeaker performance monitoring

▸ Dante™ low-latency digital network included as standard

▸ Fully compatible with Dolby Lake Processor, Lake Contour™,and Lake Mesa Quad EQ™ and Mesa Parametic EQ™ devices

▸ Primary and secondary network connections (for daisy chaining orsystem redundancy)▸ Digitally controlled ”amplifier gain” adjustable in 0.1 dBsteps from22 to 44 dB

▸ Digital output attenuation in 0.25 dB steps from -inf to 0 dB

▸ Binding post or Neutrik® Speakon® (1 x NLT8, 2 x NLT4) poweroutput connectors

▸ Digitally implemented, zero-overshoot Inter-Sample Voltage PeakLimiting (ISVPL™) adjustable in 0.1 V steps from 17.8 to 153 V

▸ Power Average Limiter (PAL)

▸ High-brightness front-panel LCD display

▸ Moisture resistant silicone touchp

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