Driver BMS 4595 ND

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Specificatii pentru Driver BMS 4595 ND:

The 4595ND is a 1,5" coaxial compression driver delivering a real coherent single point wave front without hot spots with excellent phase coherence and perfect time alignment. The driver is in fact a 2-way system employing two concentric annular ring diaphragms. Each driver covers a smaller frequency range for increased power handling, high dynamic and extremely low distortion.

The larger of the two reproduces middle frequency from 300 Hz upward, crossing over 6,3 kHz to the HF transducer which is capable of reaching 22 kHz. The large diaphragm excursion of max. + / - 0,8 mm results in high output and increased power handling up to 1300 W peak. The voice coils may be driven in conjunction with a passive crossover or driven individually from an active crossover. The outer casting features extensive heatsinking ensuring high power handling and low compression.
Extended Bandwidth (300 - 22000 Hz)
Neodymium Magnet Assembly
With two Subsystems in one, each Driver covers a smaller Frequency range for increased Power Handling, high Dynamic and extremely low Distortion
Excellent Phase Coherence
Perfect Time Alignment without Problems of Multi-Source Interference
Ultra light Weight and small Size 

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